How to Put Pegs on a BMX Bike

So you have your shiny new BMX, and you want to put some pegs on so you can go and shred the gnar. The first question to ask yourself is what side I should put my pegs on? There are some loose rules here but feel free to break them.

Pick a side

Ideally though if you ride right foot forward, you will tend to turn to the left (counter-clockwise), you then want to put your pegs on the right as this will make ramp stalls easier. If you are left foot forward and turn to the right (clockwise), you would put them on the left.

If you are right foot forward but feel more comfortable turning right, put your pegs on the right. If you are left foot forward and turn to the left, put your pegs on the left. If you do this, you are goofy footed. Nothing to worry about being goofy footed as Ryan Nyquist is the perfect example of goofy footed. You may also find some people switch their feet around to make certain tricks easier.

Getting tooled up

So now we know what side we are putting pegs on your bike. We will need to crack out a ratchet with an extension pole and a 17 and 19mm deep socket. You could even get an Animal Kotulak or Eclat E-tool and have a tool to put on and remove pegs direct from a BMX company. Your issue may be that these tools only come with a 17mm socket and you may find your bike has 19mm nuts; only the entry level bikes will have 19mm nuts nowadays.

The best way to take your nuts off would be to put your bike on a work stand. Being a BMXer you probably do not have one, so turn your bike upside down and remember that everything is reversed now. I’d take your front nut/bolt off first. When you have taken your nut/bolt off put a thin layer of grease on its threads, this will allow you to apply good torque without stripping threads. We do not want your front wheel bouncing off down the street during a manual.

Now either place your peg on the axle and put your nut inside your socket. By placing the nut in your socket, you will find it easier to locate and tighten it on the axle. If you have bolts, put them in the socket and the peg over the top. It will now be straightforward to guide into the hub and tighten up.

Doing it on the rear is pretty much the same but don’t loosen both nuts /bolts at the same time, or you will be spending time sorting your chain tension and rear wheel placement.

Go Grind Your Pegs!

Now you’re all set up, you can get grinding.

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