BMX as a sport comprises of a few different segments and there will likely be a part of BMX that suits you.

The starting place for BMX is BMX racing. A form of off-road cycling that was based on motocross racing. Now it is an Olympic sport and you can find BMX tracks all over the world. All comprising of three berms, jumps, and a rhythm section. If you want to ride fast and jump far then this is the sport for you.

Eventually people started to try tricks on BMX bikes and BMX freestyle was born. Freestyle now has a few different segments. If you fancy learning some of the hardest tricks and do not want to throw yourself over jumps then flatland could be for you. Flatland is almost a balletic form of BMX and you have to truly have bike control in order to master the discipline.

Trails is a very soulful form of BMX. It is like racing but with no need to try and win, the only person to beat is yourself. Trails are basically a set of dirt jumps build wherever there is space for them, generally in the woods so they can remain hidden. You can either trick the jumps or just flow through a set.

Like skateboarding you can also find BMX at the skatepark. Whether it be carving bowls, grinding rails, airing vert ramps, or jumping fun boxes you can find all kinds of riders at the skatepark and if you are new to BMX your local skatepark should probably be one of your first destinations.

If you don’t have a skatepark or don’t feel like riding one, then you can hit street. Which exactly as the name suggests is anything outside of your front door. You can grind handrails, jump off roofs, bomb hills or play on some ledges it is all street at the end of the day.

Regardless of what type of riding/style you want to do at the end of the day it is all BMX and all aspects will feed into one another.

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