Best Blank Skateboard Decks – Are they really as good as pro decks?

There are loads of blank skateboard decks on the market right now which can make choosing one difficult. Of course, there are bad blank decks, just like there are bad decks with graphics on them. Separating the bad from the good when it comes to skating is our job, and so we have done that with blank decks. If you’re looking for a blank deck to shred and learn tricks on, you can find our list of the best below. However, before we get to the list of the best blank decks, let’s first discuss why you’d want to buy a blank deck and whether it is worth it or not.

Our Top Choice Blank Skateboard Decks

Why buy a blank skateboard deck?

Typically, there are three reasons why people choose to buy a blank deck;

Firstly, people want a cheap deck because they are on a budget. Secondly, people want to decorate their board themselves. And finally, because they want a skateboard for some form of woodworking project.

The first reason, being on a tight budget, is probably the most common reason for buying a blank deck. And, let’s be honest, there aren’t many skateboarders in the world who haven’t been on a tight budget before. Blank decks are cheaper than decks with designs on them because the company does not need to factor in costs for the designer when they sell them. This means that you are still getting a professional deck but at a fraction of the cost.

The second reason, people want to decorate their board themselves, is also very reasonable. As skaters, we are all very creative people, and so a blank deck allows us to design our own graphics and spray paint it or screen print it on to our own boards. Whether this board is then skated or given pride of place on a wall is up to the owner, but buying a blank deck means that decorating your new board is a lot less hassle than buying a board with a graphic on it and sanding it off. Plus, with a blank deck, you don’t need to sand through the lacquer to remove the graphic so it will still be ridable once you have finished your design.

Finally, a lot of people use blank decks for woodworking projects. While this makes up a big percentage of the blank deck market, it isn’t something that we will be discussing too much here. Blank decks are a very viable way of making some cool projects, but we feel they should at least be skated a little bit first before being hung on a wall for the rest of their life!

Are Blank Decks any good?

Yes, blank decks can be very good, as long as you choose the right blank deck. There is a reason that a lot of people use certain blank decks for woodworking projects, the reason is, that they aren’t much good for anything else.

A blank deck can be one of the best decks to buy. They can last just as long as any board with a graphic on it; they can feel as good and stand up to just as much abuse. Blank decks are also almost always cheaper because they don’t have a graphic on them. All of this makes a blank deck a very viable option for every skater in the world. Whether you just want to save a bit of money on your next skateboard or you just want to skate without anyone casting judgment on the board you are riding, a good quality blank deck is your best friend.

The Best Blank skateboard decks

However, finding a good quality blank deck can be difficult as we said above. But not anymore! Below are the best blank decks in the business! These are blank decks that are perfect for any level of skating and will allow you to skate as hard as possible for the next few months!

Warning Skateboards Blank Deck

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck (Colors may vary 7.75-Inch)

Warning blank decks are a great starter board for any beginners out there. They are inexpensive and will last you a few months of pushing around a skate park and getting comfortable on your board. They may not hold up too well to the abuse a skater with a few years under their belts may throw at them, but for a beginner, they are a great board.

Warning blanks come in 7.75 and 8.0 inches these sizes are great for street and park and can help you learn the basic tricks. Warning blanks are not too heavy but do have a bit of weight to them. You will be able to ollie the board, but you may struggle if you are very small. If you are a beginner looking for a solid starting point, a Warning blank could be the perfect choice.

  • Different sizes to choose from
  • Great feeling board
  • Steep concave for ollies and hard turns
  • Some people have received decks with defects in them
  • Some find them a little too heavy

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This blank deck has a medium-sized concave and comes in at 8.0 inches in width. This makes it great for anyone trying to hone the basic tricks. 8.0 inches is a pretty typical sized board for someone in their first or second year of skating. This size offers a good amount of control but isn’t too heavy, so you’ll still be able to try flip tricks.

The medium concave on this board is nice. It means that you have to work a little harder to get high ollies, but that is a good way of training yourself to ollie higher. Plus, the concave will help a lot when learning new tricks. It allows you to get a good amount of pop to flick the board around and gives you a better chance of landing your first kickflip.

  • Will stand up to daily skating for a few months
  • Great board to learn on
  • Offers good control and stability while learning the basic tricks
  • May not hold up to serious park or street skating

Moose Blank 8.25” Deck

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck - Premium 7-Ply Maple Construction, Natural Wood, 8.25'

Moose make a lot of blank decks, we have chosen this one in particular because it is an 8.25, but they make a load of other sizes too. An 8.25 board is great for any street, park or bowl skaters who want a little more control, but still, want to be able to flip their board easily. An 8.25 isn’t the best board for a beginner because they are heavier than a 7.75 or 8.0, but for those who have been skating for a few years, this board will be a lot of fun.

This Moose blank has fairly steep concave so it can be flipped a little easier than other 8.25’s which is really nice for those wanting to step up to a bigger size but still want to be able to land kickflips and other flip tricks. It is made of Canadian Maple and has the standard 7-ply construction. Overall, this deck is really nice, it feels great and will last you a while in the streets or at the park.

  • Good quality
  • Very solid, but not too heavy
  • Very controllable and offers great stability
  • Some people have noticed pressure cracks after using them, but pressure cracks occur on any deck where the bolts are tightened down too much, to begin with so this may have been user error and not due to the quality of the board.

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Guluman Blank Deck

Guluman blanks are made by Warning which are great for beginners so guess who Guluman decks are great for! This Guluman is 8.0 inches wide and has a deep concave. This width offers great control and stability and the concave means that you can start learning ollies and other tricks once you feel stable enough.

Some of the reviews of this blank deck have stated that it can take a lot of abuse, one person has even said that they kickflipped a 9 set on it. Our findings are that this board is relatively strong, but you would have to land perfectly to land anything down 9 stairs! We certainly can’t say that this board is going to hold up to the abuse an experienced skater will throw at it, but for finding your feet and learning some basic tricks, it is a great blank deck.

  • Pretty solid and feels good when riding
  • Great for beginners
  • Perfect for cruising and learning the basics
  • May not stand up to the abuse that reviews claim, but it is a nice board for getting around and learning the skills of the trade.

Skateboard Collective Shaped Blank

Skateboard Collective 9' Shaped Blank Skateboard Deck Random Top/Natural Bottom, Self-Customizable Skateboard Deck, 7-Ply Maple Construction, Random Topsheet Color

This blank deck comes in at 9 inches, which is massive. However, a lot of people like skating this sort of deck at the moment in the streets and in bowls. It is shaped to be a cross between an old-school board and a new school board and the shape is very nice! However, if you are looking for your next street deck that will help you get technical, this isn’t the board for you.

This is the perfect board for doing no-complies, boneless, skating bowl and pool. The shape of the tail and nose means that you won’t be able to get too tech on this deck, you’ll still be able to flip it, but it will be harder than usual. However, for those of you looking for your next deck to shred a bowl or pool, this is the perfect board for you on this list!

  • Perfect shape for bowl riders
  • Loads of stability and control
  • Nice shape for cruising as well as pool riding
  • Long-lasting
  • Tail and nose are quite pointy, watch your shins when riding this board!

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Bamboo Skateboard Blank

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck, 8.5' x 32.25'

Bamboo is a very durable material that is now being used for all manner of applications, from chopping boards to skateboards. These boards are made with 6-plys, 3 plys of bamboo and 3 of maple. The maple plys provides some extra strength and the bamboo helps to sustain the shape of the board.

Our favorite thing about these Bamboo blanks is the sheer amount of size options they have. The sizes start at 7 inches and go all the way up to 8.75 inches. This means that anyone from the tiniest kid to the burliest pool skater can skate these blanks! The concave is lovely too. you’ll be able to pop and turn until the cows come home on this blank!

  • The best blank on this list for anyone of any skill level
  • Probably the best-built deck on this list
  • Affordable
  • Very nice to ride
  • Some users have snapped them quickly, others have skated them for months, this could be user error as we skated this board hard during testing and didn’t notice any warping, cracking or snapping!

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Cal 7 Blank Deck

Cal 7 Blank Maple Skateboard Deck | 7.75, 8.0, 8.25 and 8.5 Inch | (7.75 Inch, Natural)

These Cal 7 blanks come in a variety of colors and sizes making them great for pretty much any skater out there. The sizes start at 7.75 and go up to 8.25. This size range is perfect for most street and park skaters and some bowl riders. The nose and tail on these blanks are also very nice; they have a nice shape to them perfect for popping tricks and stability.

The medium concave of these blanks provides all the stability and pop that you may need in the park or street and the strong 7-ply construction will keep this deck going for months. Overall, this is a professional quality deck that feels good to skate and will help you land tricks or perfect old ones.

  • Great construction
  • Excellent size range
  • Perfect for most skill levels
  • A well-rounded deck
  • We honestly can’t think of anything bad to say about this blank! They are professionally made and will last you as long as a graphic board from a big company.

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Our Top Pick

While any of the above blank decks will be more than adequate, the CCS logo blank below really is an excellent choice. It’s the perfect mix of quality and affordability and a great alternative to a pro deck.

CCS Logo Blank

CCS Blank Skateboard Deck Natural Wood 8.25'

These CCS blanks come with a little logo near the truck on the tail, unless you buy the natural deck and then you don’t have a logo. This means that the colored versions of this blank are slightly more expensive than the natural. The colored versions are heat printed with the color and the logo, hence the little extra cost.

However, even though the colored versions are slightly more expensive, these are excellent boards. The nose and tail are very nicely shaped and the concave is perfect for any street or park skater. Quite honestly, this is one of the best decks on this list if you are looking for a board that can take any kind of abuse that you can throw at it. It is a truly professionally made board that will last just as long as any other board.

  • Professional quality
  • Lovely concave, nose and tail
  • Great size selection
  • Excellent to ride in the streets or park
  • None, this is the best quality board on this list. It is fantastic to ride and would suit any skater of any level

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