Is Skateboarding Dangerous?

is skateboarding dangerous

Although skateboarding is a very popular sport which is surrounded by a unique, positive culture, it does attract some negative attention because some people believe it carries an inherent risk. But, is skateboarding dangerous in reality? Perhaps it’s because skateboarding is often described as an “extreme sport”, words which would strike fear into the hearts of …

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How Old was Tony Hawk when He Started Skateboarding?

how old was tony hawk when he started skateboarding

Tony Hawk is quite possibly one of the most famous names in skateboarding, period. But, how did his skateboarding career begin and how old was Tony Hawk when he started skateboarding? Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Tony Hawk played a pivotal role in transforming skateboarding from an obscure past-time into a respected and recognized sport. In fact, Tony …

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